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Area Teams

WHPC is keen to enter teams (and individuals) in as many competitions at every level as we can throughout the year. For all competitions, riders must be active members of the branch and out competing at the height/level they wish to be considered for on a regular basis.


As a club we can enter teams, individuals or a combination of both. Teams must consist of three or four Members.  We will always field the strongest team(s) available and our preference is teams of four members. Scores for all competitors automatically count for the individual competition irrespective of whether they have been entered as part of a team or as an individual.


Area/Regional Eligibility.


The DC is required to certify the eligibility of the horse and rider.  Any breach may result in disqualification. Combinations cannot compete at two different levels of the same sport at the Area Competition or at the Championships.


All competitors must be Members of The Pony Club both at the closing date for entries and at the date of the relevant competition.


Members must have completed a minimum of three working rallies since 1st July in the previous year, ONE of which must have been in the current year with the current rider as the combination.  Attendance at camp the previous year counts as one rally.  Team practices and coaching do not count as rallies.

PLEASE DOWNLOAD & EDIT THE TEAMS APPLICATION FORM for each event. Please do not submit handwritten forms.

Please see Representing Woodland Hunt Pony Club for additional information and expectations on preparation, code of conduct and well-being.

Area Team 2023 Key Dates (download as a pdf).

2024 Dates TBC
Area 12 Competition Dates 2023 May jpg_Page_1.jpg
Area 12 Competition Dates 2023 May jpg_Page_2.jpg
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