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Pony Club Camps are the highlight of the year

Junior Camp, Upper House Farm

Monday 29th - Thursday 1st August 1st August


Senior Camp, BCA

Friday 2nd August (eve) - Tuesday 6th August

Pony Club camps are one of those life experiences that all children who love ponies will never forget. Members go to Pony Club Camp to learn more about horsemanship make friends and have a great time!  They are the highlight of our year

We organise camps for both junior and senior members of the Club. These camps, which take place in the summer holidays, could not take place without the hard work and dedication of parents and volunteers.


You must have attended three rallies to qualify for camp.  Camp the previous year counts as one rally.



Applications for both camps will not open until the New Year. All members will be given notice before booking opens.  Applications for camps will be secured on a first come, first served basis and alongside a review of the members contribution to the club (volunteering, event support etc) and on acceptance of a deposit. Until your deposit is received, your place cannot be guaranteed and places will be limited.  Payment is made via the online booking page of the website once the annual costs are confirmed each year. 

Senior Camp


Senior Camp is for children aged 11 upwards and in academic Yr7. The children and ponies stay away from home for a week.


There is usually much excitement in the club around the time when all the children are preparing equipment and ponies to take to camp. The ponies are stabled during the week so the children are responsible for all the duties to look after their ponies such as feeding and mucking out. Experienced help is always on hand and we employ a dedicated ‘Master of Horse’ to oversee the equine welfare and management. 


Member will be grouped into instructional rides according to age and experience and will normally work with the same instructor all week. The members are split into teams (Sections) and rewarded with daily points for various tasks during the week, the teams are led by experienced senior members who will oversee and help them carry out their stable duties. These points may be earned or deducted and are not always for their riding but for keeping their accommodation tidy and their stables immaculate. Each evening there will be either a guest speaker or entertainment with ‘inter section’ fun and games will be held throughout the week.


Members normally ride twice a day in addition to stable management lessons.


Accommodation is in shared caravans, horseboxes or tents provided by members, but we can always match people up if you have no one to share with. We prefer no more than 4 people sharing any accommodation.


Meals are eaten in our marquee which is our main ‘base’ and used for a number of other activities.


Members will go when the campsite is cleared away. Senior camp is really good fun and teach children so much about life and responsibilities. Everyone goes home happy, and very tired!


All parents are expected to help either with set up, take down or duties throughout the week (all home cooked food!) if camp is to happen!


Junior camp


Junior camp is for members aged from 4yrs (and due to start Reception in September) up to age 11yrs in Yr6. Older, less experienced members are also welcome. It is run on a daily basis at Upper House Farm, Harpsden, with children and ponies returning home each day after tea.  

The children are split into groups depending on their age and ability. Older club members volunteer to help out at the Mini & Junior camp all week and are allocated tasks which include being responsible for helping the younger members with various tasks such as tacking up their ponies during the day. Normally teams (Sections) will be set up to include members from each group for activities & games and who will be rewarded points for such things as the best groomed pony or the cleanest tack or riding boots. These points will accumulate during the week with a prize for the team with the most points.

Mornings start at 10am with a tack check where we make sure all campers and ponies are turned out safely and correctly. This will be followed by an hour of instruction and a stable management session. Then everyone has a break for lunch.  After lunch there may be a chance to watch an expert at work such as a farrier. In the afternoon the children do some slightly less serious riding such as mounted games, treasure hunt or a lead rein hack for our much younger members around the farm.


We provide lunch & tea each day in our club marquee. The instructors, camp helpers and campers all eat together.


There will be various competitions on the last day of camp which parents are invited to come along and watch, which is followed by a BBQ for everyone. This is a great camp designed to encourage, give confidence, and prepare members for senior camp and really progress members’ riding and knowledge.


At the end of the camp there will be prize giving and presentations to the various teams and individuals. The team with the most points will get a prize along with other awards for such things as the most helpful person, the naughtiest pony or the person who fell off the most.


As with senior camp parents will be expected to help set up or take down the camp or other duties during the week.

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