Meet the Woodland Hunt Committee and other key folk!

When you first join (and for some time afterwards!) it can be hard to know who everyone that runs the club is, what they do and how to get hold of them. This page should help solve that little problem. If you fancy taking a more active role in the club and might be interested in joining the Committeee - please do get on touch we would love to hear from you! You don't need to be 'horsey', just an interest in the club is all you need - oh, and a good sense of humour!

Emma Dag
Emma is super organised and looks after Junior Camp, is our Test Secretary and organises our Events. 

07801 657536


Jaine Sharp 

Treasurer & Committee Member

Jaine is our Treasurer  and keeps a careful eye making sure Woodlands bank balance doesn't stray into the red!


Wendy Gardner
Health and Safety 


Lisa Leigh
Health and Safety and Safeguarding


Fionnuala McCredie 

Committee Member

Fionnuala is already an active Woodland Hunt parent. Her legal skills and bubbly personality are a fab addition to the committee.


Louise Austin

Memberships Secretary


Louise is a very active member of WHPC and a qualified instructor. She is also part of the rally team and helps with H&S.

Membership queries can be sent to her at:

Juliet Machan 

Committee Member

A keen sportswoman, Juliet is responsible for the website and is part of the rally team


Dawn Mitchell

Catering Manager

Dawn does the amazing job of feeding all our campers. Her and her mum look after our members extremely well. 
























Fiona Radford Jones
Mounted Games


Sarah Braclik
Vaccinations and social committee


Jo Davenport
Area teams manager,uk


Caroline Bowers
Non-area Teams and Badges


Nick Evans
Polo manager