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What do I wear to a rally?

For mounted working rallies you should wear a Woodland polo shirt and sweatshirt or a white shirt and tie with a hacking jacket. Jodphurs should be beige or a plain dark colour (black, brown and navy blue are all acceptable). If your hair is shoulder length or longer you will need to wear a hairnet not only to be neat and tidy but because it is not safe to have long hair flapping! For any jumping activities, long sleeves must be worn, either a Woodland sweatshirt, Woodland rugby shirt or long sleeved white shirt/PC tie is suitable.


Hats which must be black or navy (hat covers are acceptable) must meet the latest Pony Club rules - click here for details. 


Cross country rallies - Body protectors and medical armbands (these can be bought from local tack shops or the Pony Club website) are compulsory for cross country rallies. An air vest may be worn, but only over a normal body protector. It must not be worn under any item of clothing. For these rallies, long sleeves must be worn, but members are welcome to wear their own or Woodlands ‘colours’. 


Spurs may only be worn by members who have passed their B test or have written permission from the DC. Jewellery other than a wristwatch is not allowed. Earrings must be removed, not taped over; this is a condition of your insurance.


For stable management rallies, riding hat, gloves and riding boots are essential. Please wear a Woodland sweatshirt.


Tack need not be new but must fit your pony and be in good, clean and safe condition. You need to regularly check all stitching, especially around the bit, and at the top of stirrup leathers and girth straps. If you are not sure whether something fits properly, is safe, or is suitable please ask your instructor. Numnahs or saddlecloths should be plain black, brown, white, cream, navy or our own Woodland saddlecloth. Tack should be cleaned before rallies and it will be checked at each one.



Where can I buy Woodland kit?

New Woodland clothes can be bought from Kate Lund. She also keeps a range of second-hand Woodland clothes as well as other useful items, such as second hand riding boots, show and hacking jackets, horse boots, numnahs etc.


Kate holds special open days when you can come and browse her stock or if you have a more urgent need you can make an appointment by emailing her or calling 01491 641494.


All team members wear Woodland Team uniform and saddle cloths and these can be bought online from GGGear 

How can I join the Woodland competition teams?



Area teams for dressage, show jumping, eventing, tetrathlon are selected once a year in the spring/summer. There is also a quiz team and Horse and Pony Care team, covering all aspects of horse care as well as general horse knowledge. These teams are all qualifiers for a National Championship held each summer. There are three levels of Area Competition and selection is based on individual results and availability for the area and championships, so you need to be out competing regularly at the required level or above. Team training  is offered and final selection will be made by the Chief instructor and team trainers. You must have done three working rallies and will be expected to attend some team training. Feel free to contact our DC or team managers if you want to ask more or be put on the list. Area Quiz and HPC team members will be invited through the website and based on  test results and Stable Management Rally attendance.


There are many other pre area and mini team and individual competitions throughout the year and we try to involve as many people as possible using feedback from our rally instructors who can advise you.  If you find a pony club event for teams send the schedule out via the Yahoo group and we should be able to get teams out. Woodland wants to encourage as many riders to get out and have fun!


You will note that many forms have to be countersigned by the DC or Chief Instructor. This is to say you are safe competing at the level entered so we need to see you at rallies to do this.


All team members wear Woodland Team uniform and saddle cloths and these can be bought online from GGGear .


Woodland members are expected to be neat, polite and generally very good ambassadors for the club!




Will I make friends easily?


Woodland is known as the ‘friendly’ club. At the main working rallies you will be put in a group with similar aged members of your level and our lovely instructors will guide you through and help you get to know each other. Often we will have a picnic lunch together and this year we may also include a swim if the weather is hot!


Parents or guardians normally sit and have a drink (bring a deckchair) and a chat whilst you are riding and the DC, Assistant DC or Chief instructor will make you all feel very welcome! It is not just about riding – we run social events, trips, treasure hunts and parties as well, which are great fun. Summer camps, for all ages and levels are the highlight of the year. Older members belong to a junior committee and have regular social gatherings as well as organise activities for younger members. We are always looking for new committee members and they do not need to be horsey. We need many skills!





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