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Junior Camp 2022

Monday 25th to Thursday 28th July 2022 at Upper House Farm (set up Sunday 24th)

Please complete all the forms below and return as per the form instructions

Click on the title on the left to download each form individually.  To download all the forms in one go click here

Medical consent form

Camp is a fantastic week for members, but as volunteers we simply cannot run it without your help.  Parents are expected to make a minimum of 2 x offers for us to function.  In addition, we need plenty of volunteers to help set up camp on Sunday 25th July and all are expected to take down Thursday 28th July.

In order for your child to participate in swimming at Pony Club Camp, we must have
your permission. We are not required to have a lifeguard, but we do have parents on
duty supervising. Children will be grouped and swim on ONE afternoon during the

Your Pony must be fit enough to attend camp – he/she will be working for at least two hours a day, and this needs to be taken into consideration with your work leading up to the week. Read the notes on the second page of this form and contact any of our instructors if you need advice.

This list is a great guide for everythign you need for camp.  Please rememebr to label everything in permanent marker pen.

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