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Woodland Hunt Mini ODE

24th April 2022

Mini ODE 24th April 2022

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Mini ODE 24th April 

Mini One Day Event

Sunday 24th April 2022
Upper House Farm, Harpsden Bottom,
Henley-on-Thames, Oxon, RG9 4HY

By kind permission of Mr and Mrs T Swete

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Times available here (all)

Class 1

Class 2

Class 3

Class 4

Class 5

PLEASE READ: Important information for the ODE

Information about the XC course jumps can be downloaded here: Mini ODE XC Fences


View the SJ Course here 

Information about the Mini ODE Penalty Points System


Classes from pole on the ground up to 50cm
For Pony Club Members 12 years and under
Assisted and unassisted classes
Event designed for genuine novice riders
Completion rosettes for everyone who finishes
Class 5 a Qualifier for the Area 12 Mini Eventing Championships 2022
Entries close Sunday 10th April 2022 or when full
Class numbers are strictly limited

Vet in Attendance: Courtesy of Berkshire Equine Veterinary Services
Paramedic in Attendance: SES Ambulance Services
Photographer in attendance: Glamorous Event Photography
Entries Secretary: Horse Events, or call 07962 251696
(not after 6pm)
Event Organiser: Emma Dag –  07801 657536



The Competition

An encouraging and low-key event designed for genuine novice riders. Additional advice and support from our team of officials.  Competitors to be 12 years and under on 1st January 2022 and to be members of The Pony Club.


Our aim is that all riders have a positive experience and receive a ‘completion’ rosette.  Rules will follow those as set down in The Pony Club 2022 Eventing Rules ( with the following exceptions:

  • Combinations can only compete in one class.  

  • Judges uphold the right to eliminate any rider they feel is unsafe at any time during the competition.

  • All competitors must present for each discipline tack check before each section.

  • In Class 1, lead ropes must be attached to the NOSEBAND or via a COUPLING only.

  • Grass reins are permitted if they comply with the Pony Club Rules as stated on page 19 of the PC Eventing Rule Book 2022.

  • Assisted means you can be in the ring with the competitor to provide VERBAL guidance and support.  Any leading or physical contact with the pony or rider will result in penalties. Running around with the pony following will result in elimination.

  • Numbers will not be provided.  You will need to print off your number and bring your own bib to put it in. You will need to display this and your hat at the check in point on arrival.

  • Times will be published on Horse Events and Woodland Pony Club Facebook page by Thursday 21st April 2022.

  • Course walk from 2-6pm on Saturday 23rd April and at designated times on the day.

Dressage Phase

  • In Class 1 the rider must be led with the leader at the shoulder of the pony.

  • Tests may be called in all classes but ‘instructing’ will be penalised by 2 marks in Classes 2 to 5.

  • Any normal riding bit is permitted for the dressage phase.


Showjumping and Cross Country Phase

  • In Class 1 the rider must be led with the leader at the shoulder of the pony. The leader must go over the jump at the same time as the pony, not in front.

  • Riders in Classes 2 and 4 of the competition may be verbally assisted by ONE person only.

  • Riders in Classes 3 and 5 who receive outside assistance will be penalised by 10 penalties on each occasion.

  • After 3 stops at any fence, the rider may continue to the next fence but will incur 50 faults PLUS the 12 faults for the 1st and 2nd refusal. Total of 62 faults.

  • The Cross Country element will be within a roped off area in one field.

  • In Classes 4 and 5 there may be learner option fences that are lower which can be jumped with 15 penalties added as per the Pony Club 2020 Eventing Rule Book.

  • The Cross Country section will not be timed but those deemed going too fast will be asked to slow down.


  • Results will be published online at

  • Rosettes awarded to 8th place.

  • Best Dressage in each class.

  • Completion rosette for everyone that finishes.

  • Rosette for highest place Woodland Hunt member in each class and Leo the Lion Trophy for the highest placed member overall.


Conditions of Entry

  1. Save for the death or personal injury caused by the negligence of the organisers, or anyone for whom they are in law responsible, neither the organisers of this event or The Pony Club nor any agent, employee or representative of these bodies, not the landlord or his tenant, accepts any liability for any accident, loss, damage, injury or illness to horses, owners, riders, spectators, land, cars, their contents and accessories, or any other personal property, whatsoever, whether caused by their negligence, breach of contract or in any other way whatsoever.  Entries are only accepted on this basis.

  2. The organisers of this event have taken all reasonable precautions to ensure the health and safety of everyone present at this event. For these measures to be effective, everyone must take all reasonable precautions to avoid and prevent accidents. They must obey the instructions of the organisers and all officials and stewards.

  3. The organisers reserve the right to refuse any entry without giving a reason.

  4. All entries must be accompanied by the correct entry fee.

  5. The decision of the judges and stewards in all cases is final.

  6. Any objections must be made in writing and handed in to the show secretary within 15 minutes of the incident happening with a deposit of £10.  In the event the objection is sustained, the deposit will be refunded.

  7. The event is open to members of The Pony Club only.

  8. Horses and ponies must be 5 years or older on the day of the show.

  9. All competitors must be suitably dressed in correct riding attire. 

  10. Hats must be of the standard accepted as of 1st January 2022 and tagged with the Pony Club hat tag.  See PC Eventing Rule book page 11 for a table of the standards accepted. Chin straps must be correctly fastened at all times when mounted. It is strongly recommended that a jockey skull cap is worn for cross-country riding even over lower fences.

  11. Riding is a risk sport. It is compulsory that all riders wear body protectors to the latest BETA standard for the cross country element and are strongly recommended for the showjumping section. Air jackets are only permitted to be worn over a body protector.

  12. Dogs must be under control and on a lead at all times.

  13. The organisers reserve the right to alter the programme of events as their discretion and should the event be cancelled for any reason the Organisers reserve the right to retain a proportion of the entry fees to cover their expenses.

  14. Substitution of entries. A rider may request to substitute a horse/pony for a class that he/she has entered if the Organisers are so advised and in agreement prior to the start of the class. Horse and Rider may not be substituted  - this is in effect a completely different entry.

  15. Being late for your time may result in elimination.

  16. Horse/Ponies left tied to the outside of trailers/lorries MUST NOT be left unattended.

  17. Please ensure that the area around your box is left clean and tidy.

  18. There will be no refund of entry fees without production of a Doctors or Veterinary Certificate within 7 days of the competition and any refunds may be subject to an administration fee.

  19. Riders or visitors are not entitled to be anywhere on the estate other than the specific facilities being used for the event. Anyone found on the estate will be banned for ALL future events at this venue.

Schedule of Classes
All classes £35 which includes paramedic cover

Booking via

Up to 30cm – LEAD REIN
Dressage: Pony Club Walk and Trot Test 2013
Showjumping: Up to 30cm
Cross Country: Poles on the ground up to 30cm
Riders MUST BE LED for all three disciplines.

Up to 30cm – ASSISTED
Dressage: Pony Club Walk and Trot Test 2013
Showjumping: Up to 30cm
Cross Country: Poles on the ground up to 30cm
Riders can have VERBAL support from ONE helper throughout.

Up to 30cm – UNASSISTED
Dressage: Pony Club Walk and Trot Test 2013
Showjumping: Up to 30cm
Cross Country: Poles on the ground up to 30cm
Any assistance, verbal or otherwise will incur penalties.

Up to 50cm – ASSISTED
Dressage: Pony Club Introduction to Dressage Test 2019
Showjumping: Up to 50cm
Cross Country: Up to 50cm with a few learner options
Riders can have VERBAL support from ONE helper throughout.

Qualifier for the Area 12 Mini Eventing Championships 2021
Up to 50cm – UNASSISTED
Dressage: Pony Club Introduction to Dressage Test 2019
Showjumping: Up to 50cm
Cross Country: Up to 50cm with a few learner options
Any assistance, verbal or otherwise will incur penalties

If you would like to edit your horse or rider details before the closing date of the event, please login to your Horse Events account and edit your booking under the ‘MY BOOKING’ Tab

If you would like to change the class, please email and if there is space available we will do this for you.

For ALL changes of horse and rider substitutions after the closing date there is a £5 charge please fill out the following form online at:

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