My First One Day Event
Sunday 30th April 2017

Well done to everyone who took part, helped and came to watch.




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Welcome Letter


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Welcome letter:  

Dear Competitors and Parents


First, may we welcome everyone who has entered, and very much look forward to meeting you all on Sunday 30th April 2017.  We realise that although many of you are "old hands" at the art of One Day Events [ODE], for some this will be your first time stepping into the unknown, and our intention is to make it as simple and pleasurable as possible. 


If you have any queries that we have not covered, please pick up the phone to me - 01491 628742. 


When you arrive, park; go to the Secretary’s Tent who will give you your number.  You will already have your times of the three phases, dressage, show jumping and cross country.  For dressage, your pony should be neatly turned out; your child should ideally be wearing a jacket, shirt and tie.  If you do not have one DO NOT WORRY.  For this competition it is not essential.  As long as your child is wearing a shirt and tie and a Pony Club sweatshirt, that will do. Arrive at the dressage area 20 to 30 minutes before your time for a tack check and marking for turnout.  At this point, if you need any further guidance on the day's procedure, our very helpful Committee Members and Junior Committee will be there to "take you under their wing" and make sure you know exactly what you are doing for the rest of the day.


Although the competition is run under Pony Club Eventing Rules, they will be loosely adhered to so that we can take into account that we are dealing with some very inexperienced children - hence the name of the competition My First One Day Event!


Any tack that your pony usually wears will be acceptable.   There is a lot of Spring grass around, so Grass Reins may be a good idea! Back protectors for jumping are compulsory.



Look forward to welcoming you all

Suzi Swete, DC and the Committee of the Woodland Hunt Pony Club