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Contact details, social media channels and rallies

Updated: Jan 22

Dear All

We are getting lots of queries and requests at the moment so we thought as it's the start of the New Year we would remind members about a few details of admin that help admin and activities run smoothly:

Personal contact details

If you need to update your personal contact details, please do this via You will be directed to your own membership details that you can update email, telephone numbers and addresses. It will also show you your membership numbers. If you have updated your email address, please let us know so that we can double check against our records.

Facebook Pages

We strongly recommend that you sign up, as a minimum, to Woodland Hunt Pony Club page. This page is private and for members ONLY. It is where the committee posts noticies about branch activities, competitions, team training, teams applications, opening dates, closing dates, reminders, deadlines and polls. We also share photos of activities on this page for rallies and camps. There is a lot of information that we post on here that we don't send out via email.

We also have Woodland Hunt Information

Group which again is a private page where members can post notices, for sale, wanted, ask questions etc. A reminder that we do not allow the advertising of ponies unless they are known to the branch and have actively participated in PC activities.

We also have our public page Woodland Pony Club which is our external profile to the wider PC and other communities.


More information on rallies is available on our website. We are experiencing huge sign up to all our rallies which is great but as a reminder:

  • We cannot swap rallies for you once booked. If you have incorrectly booked a rally or can no longer attend please notify us and we will cancel t

he rally. You will then need to re-book the correct or alternative rally.

  • Rallies are refunded after the rally has taken place.

  • Refunds are not issued until after the closing date of the rally unless you can produce a vet or doctors certificate within 5 days of the rally taking place.

  • If you are fortunate enough to have more than one horse/pony, please ONLY BOOK IN ONE AT A TIME. Please email to be put on the waitlist for any second rides. This is so that we can allow EVERYONE the

opportunity to be allocated a place. If you have already booked two horses for a rally we will contact you to ask for your first choice.

  • Shared ponies are NOT permitted for rallies for camps. The only exception is for mounted games where two members may share one pony during the SAME session taking alternate terms to practice the games.

  • Requests for same group times, shared transport are at the discretion of the rally organiser.

  • We have attached the How Rallies Work document for further details on the running of rallies.

If in doubt, please drop us an email at

More information on how rallies work can be found by downloading the following:

WHPC - How rallies work
Download PDF • 73KB


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