Test Passes 2014

Congratulations to all those who have recently passed their various Pony Club Efficiency tests.   Certificates will be presented at the Annual New Year Get together in January 2015.


E Test Passes


Sophia Thomas

Daisy Ashley

Purdey Frampton-Jensen

Harriet Frampton-Jensen

Max Dag

D Test Passes


Grace Mee

Abigail Hall

Sophia Thomas

Jack Summerley

Zara Barnett

Ellie Townsend

Gabriella Hancock

D+ Test Passes


Charlotte Babb

Grace Mee

Abigail Hall

Maddison Darvil

Eva Barnett

Ellie Townsend

Lucy Perry


C Test Passes


Grace Mee

Alexandra Dunn

Gemma Jones

Millie Williams

Ella Bollon

Ellie Townend

Sophie Toms

Izzie Runcie


C+ Test Passes 


Maddy Dudley



B Test Passes (SM & Ridden)

Elspeth Lund

Georgia Chapman

Lunge Test Pass


Susannh Boddie

Teri Stevens

B+ Test Pass



Riding Road Safety Achievement Badge


Grace Mee

Izzy Runcie

Charlotte Runcie

Charlotte Thomas 


Ellie Townend

Ellie Toms

Scarlett Colin

Riding Road Safety Test


Rowena Orr

Grace Mee