Renew Pony Club Membership



To renew you Pony Club membership for 2018, your subscription should be paid via the on-line store but please also download the Pony Club Membership Renewal form by following this link,  complete the form and return it to our branch Secretary Jenny Artivich at the address below before the 31st January 2018 to ensure your renewal is accepted as payment alone will not automatically renew your membership.


Your child’s membership subscription for 2018 will be £74.00 per individual Member plus an admin charge of £3.50. Two members are £148 plus admin charge of £3.50.


Families, where there are three or more children of the family living at the same permanent address, and being Members of the same Branch, will pay a family subscription of £185.00, irrespective of the number of children in the family.


When returning your membership renewal application, please enclose a SAE so that Jenny can send you your 2018 membership card.


Send completed forms to:


Jenny Artivich 

Fir Trees,

Rokeby Drive,

Tokers Green,

South Oxon,