Area Team Selection

Policy 2018



We are at that time of year where those interested in competing are starting to plan their programme with a view to selection for team and individual slots for our area 12 competitions this summer. As you know, these culminate in the Regional Championships (entry level) or the National Pony Club Championships at Cholmondely Castle in Cheshire in August.


We field teams in dressage, eventing and show jumping. We would like to field teams in other disciplines but at present are unable to do so without more volunteer help. Horse and Pony Care and Magical Musical Ride are two examples.


To take part in the area competitions selection process and our Pre Area Training Camp in April, you will need to have a competition CV showing that as a COMBINATION you and your horse/ pony are capable, experienced and successful (ie. competitive) at the level and discipline you hope to do. In signing your area entry form, the DC is saying that you are competent and safe to compete at the level and at a slightly more technical championship level.  This will not be done until you have completed events at the level or above and proven your experience. Each application will be looked at carefully by our training advisor and team trainers before acceptance onto pre area lists. This does not mean that circumstances don’t change, so you need to keep team managers informed of any relevant updates. Don’t worry if you are not quite there – we still have plenty of training and team opportunities outside area competitions.


We do not have to field teams, and indeed will not do so unless they are likely to be competitive at area competitions. If necessary, we will sit the occasional year and discipline out whilst members build their competition experience for subsequent years and this is in the best interests of all. However, we have a great record and look forward to maintaining this.