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Woodland Hunt publishes a full programme of fixtures 

How Rallies Work

Although we have discipline-specific rallies for example, Dressage, Showjumping, Cross Country and Mounted Games, the ‘Working Rallies’ are the more generic ‘backbone’ rallies of The Pony Club that encompass a combination of flatwork and/or poles and jumping. 


Working Rallies are generally based around the Efficiency Test system of The Pony Club ( for more information) which is chronological, progressive and designed to develop the educational requirements of the members and ponies in a safe and fun environment. The groups are balanced to ensure that the members are working alongside peers at a similar stage.  To allow the sessions to progress, latecomers are only permitted to join if the coach feels it is still acceptable to do so.

All of the coaches we used are hand-picked for their skills, qualifications and expertise in delivering this system at various levels and in a group environment. All have extensive riding and competition experience alongside their coaching and accreditation for The Pony Club. 

Within Woodland, we are  vigilant in ensuring that coaches are always made aware of a member’s individual needs where relevant. This could include medical or educational issues, any anxieties or details about their ponies, for example a green or strong pony.  Whilst a member would never be ‘forced’ to do something they did not want to do, in order for the coaches to plan a comprehensive and progressive session, we need parents to have faith in their expertise and understand that in order to progress, members are encouraged to embrace challenge in a protected environment such as a rally. The coaches are all excellent at balancing these issues whilst ensuring safety is paramount.

There will be members who do not want to jump but, are happy to do poles on the understanding that they are often used to enhance flat as well as jump sessions. We would not expect a coach to manage a child who was not doing poles/jumping whilst they were progressing a pole/ jumping session with the rest of the group and rather than have child and pony exit the session half-way through, we would recommend signing up to dressage only specific rallies.

Obviously within all of the above, we also have to balance the needs of the rest of the group if a specific pony is sufficiently challenging to compromise their safety and progression. In cases of a pony being unsuitable for the activity the coach may ask a member to leave a group if that is the best and safest option.  Riding is a risk sport and we do aim to ensure best and safest practice at all times.


Requests for same group times, shared transport and shared ponies are at the discretion of the rally organiser and cannot always be accommodated. It is quite within reason for there to be a gap of 1 hour between sibling, transport and shared pony groups to allow for the sessions to run in a chronological order. Managing logistics for attending the sessions is solely the responsibility of the parent/guardian. 


Refunds will only be issued for the following reasons and only after the rally has taken place:

  • Cancellation made before the closing date

  • Veterinary certificate after the closing date

  • Doctors certificate after the closing date


Please remember that all the work in putting on rallies and other branch activities is done by a committee of volunteers who themselves have jobs and families but give up their free time to Woodland. Can we ask that you respect their personal commitments and email for all rally requests and changes rather than contacting committee members on their personal devices where possible.


Thank you!

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The 2021 Pony Club membership form can be found on the PC site


We never say no to offers of help and always needs more. Please let us know if you would like to help.

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