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Rally Attire

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Delegated responsible adult role for rally groups

Role of the Responsible Adult at Rallies


Delegated Responsible Adult Role for Rally Groups


For all of our rallies, we delegate a ‘responsible adult’ per group of members. This is done to provide some support to instructors and committee members who may be carrying out other duties during a session. All parents are asked to do this at some point, and names are highlighted when times are mailed out before each fixture. Duties include:


  • Knowing the location of the rally boxes. These are taken to every rally without exception and contain all vital paperwork in a pink plastic folder (incident and accident forms, risk assessments, venue rules, emergency contact list, first aid kits (human and equine) and emergency supplies. Postcodes are contained in risk assessment sheets, veterinary contact numbers in Equine First Aid Kit.  Everything within boxes is clearly labelled.


  • Knowing the first aider on site (all instructors/ most committee members) and assisting them if required in the event of an incident.


  • Checking  the instructor has been given their blue clipboard/ pen and has  first aid belt kit if doing XC training (DC/ Committee member will normally do this) Instructors have their own paperwork in these folders.


  • Ensuring that your group understand any one way entrance/ exit systems if in place (often Harpsden). Locking gates if last group.


  • Being responsible for picking up droppings in arena during session (feel free to delegate to other parents in group) and that the skip is emptied onto muck heap if full. Ensuring members have picked up droppings/ hay from around horseboxes/ trailers.


  • Assisting instructors putting up/taking down fences if required. We ask that parents remain outside the arena area on safety grounds when not actually doing this.


  • Being responsible for general behaviour of any spectators supporting group during the session and advising where appropriate. This many include litter picking and enforcing any restrictions on dogs (Harpsden).  We must treat every venue with respect if we are to be allowed back. If necessary, please advise other group parents that they need to allow the instructors to work without distraction/ interruption


  • Offering  the instructor refreshment / drink each session – this is on site at Harpsden but please take flask/ biscuits if different venue.


  • In the event of an accident/ incident, ensure that forms are completed and returned to appropriate section in pink file.  Instructor will do this for riding related incidents, please prompt them at end of session if this has not been done and file form. Incidents involving anyone on site MUST be recorded, please note time of any incident and seek advice from committee member if unsure.


  • Report any problems to DC/ H&S Officers (contact list in pink folder) and advise if any accident/ incident forms have been filed.



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