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Non Area Teams

WHPC is keen to enter Teams in as many competitions at every level as we can throughout the year. Many of the local Pony Clubs run events that offer both Individual and Team entries.


Each parent/rider is responsible for ensuring they understand and comply with the Pony Club Discipline Rule Book. This is available to download from or in hard copy from Amazon 



For all competitions, riders must be active members of the branch and out competing at the height/level they wish to be considered for on a regular basis.


Competition Dates

Competition dates and schedules will be sent out as and when we receive them.  Details will be given on the cut off date for your application to be considered.


PLEASE DOWNLOAD & EDIT THE TEAMS APPLICATION FORM for each event. Please do not submit handwritten forms.

Non-area team possible events.  Please let Caroline know if you enter any of these so we can see if we can make teams up


Selection Criteria

Information regarding selection for teams.

See Representing Woodland Hunt Pony Club for additional information and expectations on preparation, code of conduct and well-being.

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