Non Area Teams

WHPC is keen to enter Teams in as many competitions at every level as we can throughout the year. Many of the local Pony Clubs run events that offer both Individual and Team entries.


Each parent/rider is responsible for ensuring they understand and comply with the Pony Club Discipline Rule Book 2021. This is available to download from or in hard copy from



For all competitions, riders must be active members of the branch and out competing at the height/level they wish to be considered for on a regular basis.


Competition Dates

Competition dates and schedules will be sent out as and when we receive them.  Details will be given on the cut off date for your application to be considered. PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE APPLICATION FORM for each event.

Non-area team possible events.  Please let Caroline know if you enter any of these so we can see if we can make teams up


Selection Criteria

The Selectors reserve the right NOT to send a Team to any competition.  The following criteria apply to those wishing to compete in a Team:


  • ·Combinations should be actively and successfully competing within the discipline at the associated level, with visible results.

  • Results from the previous September up until the time of selection will be taken into account.  Must be the same combination of Horse and Rider.

  • Riders need to register their interest at being considered for Teams by completing and submitting the appropriate forms in full to the Non Area Team Manager, Caroline Bowers, by the deadline.  These forms can be found under Teams on our website.

  • Where we have more than four members applying to be part of a Team, we will select the four that we feel are the strongest.  We would rather put forward a strong Team of four rather than two Teams of three.


For Non Area Teams it is usual for the Member to have entered the competition as an Individual in the first instance.  The only exception to this rule is Middlegrove Farm where the Regional competition is run.  For this we will facilitate the entry and arrange for you to make payment.  


Once a member has been selected for a Team, the place is only confirmed on receipt of the TEAM entry fee  - this is usually a minimal fee of between £3-£10 per person.  This will be facilitated via the usual bookings system.  No TEAM entry fees can be refunded without a Vet or Doctors certificate.


Team entries can ONLY be made by the TEAM MANAGER.


Team Manager

A Team Manager for each event will be appointed and Members advised.  This person is here to help and guide you on the day.  It may the case that there are multiple Team Managers on the day depending on classes entered.


Team Trainer

A WHPC appointed Team Trainer would be available if the event coincides with an Area/Regional event that we have TEAMS competing at.


Team Training

We will endeavour to put on discipline specific Team Training where possible/requested.  Please try and attend.


Team Spirit

WHPC expects Riders and their supporters to have a good attitude and participate in all the required activities within the branch, both ridden and helping.


A high level of commitment to the varied aspects for the preparation process is important. We expect members to support and help each other at all times as well as accepting advise in a constructive way. 



Horse and Rider fitness is crucial not only to the success of the competitor but also the safety and well-being of the Horse and Rider. Riders must notify the DC, Team Trainer or Team Manager of any change in their own health or fitness status, and/or that of their horse/pony or veterinary/medical management immediately, where such a change could impact performance.


If you find yourself being unable to attend an event, it is important you inform the Team Manager Caroline Bowers as soon as possible as this might mean Teams need re-organising. 

Please see Representing Woodland Hunt Pony Club for additional information and expectations on preparation, code of conduct and well-being.