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Summer Camps 2023

Updated: Mar 8

Dear Parents

Please find attached a letter regarding Summer Camps 2023. There is a lot of information to read and digest and parents and members need to be fully committed to fulfilling expectations to attend Summer Camps.

Camp bookings do not open until March so this should give you plenty of time to talk to us, or friends about camp suitability and any questions you may have.

It is one of the busiest times of year for our committee of volunteers who work without a break throughout the summer period at Area competitions and camps so please, although we know everyone deserves a holiday, sign up to help as much as you can so that the load is shared between as many people as possible. We can't do it without a small army.

As you will have seen on the fixtures list, we have put in a Seniors HPC day at Stacey Equestrian on Friday 2nd June which is an opportunity to familiarise (or re-familiarise) yourself with how to best care for your horse during camp and how to prepare for the week. We had a lot of unnecessary incidents last year and preparation is key for those attending senior camp. Please sign up as it gives you plenty of time to practice at home before camp.

Best wishes

Emma and the Camps Teams!

Camp Intro Letter 2023 - Final Mar23
Download DOC • 64KB


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